Staff positions available

Open Positions
Communication Manager Campus Sales Manager
Events Executive - Northern Region Senior Graphic Designer
Digital Marketing Executive Direct Sales Team Leader
Direct Marketing Agent Telemarketing Agent
Campus ASA Manager Campus Training Quality Manager
Teacher Care Officer Campus IT Officer
Admission and Student Affairs Officer Trợ lý quản trị
Maintainer Security Guard

At VUS, we do not treat you just as an employee, but as a companion who share our mission and vision, and join forces with us to grow and become an outstanding team

Working environment

VUS is proud to have a professional equal-opportunity working environment where each individual can realize his full potential in a close-knit community. In addition, team-building activities are organized to get everybody connected with each other.

Remuneration and benefits package

VUS brings you not only a job, but also material and spiritual values which help you grow up and succeed in your career.

As a VUS member, you will enjoy:

Fair, satisfactory salaries, bonuses and benefits

VUS has implemented the best policy on salaries, bonuses and fringe benefits so that its members can dedicate themselves to their work

Training programs improving knowledge and skills

Engaging in the education field, VUS realize the importance of developing its human resources. Therefore, once you have been a VUS member, you will have the opportunity to enhance your English proficiency and professional skills, attend hands-on training sessions in order to increase your ability and improve yourself.

Opportunity to train and challenge yourself together with VUS growth

VUS, in its process of growth and expansion, will create for you a lot of opportunities to challenge yourself in new positions which help unlock your potential and creativity.

We warmly welcome all those who are willing to bring to VUS their talent, intellect, integrity and dedication. Whether you are student freshly graduating from university or a specialist looking to rise to new challenges in order to move ahead in your career, just be ready and we will have suitable career paths awaiting you.