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[Có đáp án] Tổng hợp 100+ bài tập Phrasal Verbs về mọi loại câu

Cập nhật mới nhất ngày 08/12/2023

Hầu như mọi bài thi, kiểm tra hoặc giao tiếp tiếng Anh đều sẽ có kiến thức liên quan đến phrasal verbs. Nếu không ôn luyện bài tập phrasal verbs thường xuyên, bạn sẽ khó lòng ghi nhớ và sử dụng chúng một cách trôi chảy khi cần thiết. Dưới đây là tổng hợp hơn 100 bài tập phrasal verbs từ VUS, bạn có tự tin mình làm đúng hết không?

Các dạng bài tập Phrasal Verbs trong tiếng Anh

Đã bao giờ bạn bắt gặp một cụm từ được kết hợp bởi 1 động từ với giới từ hoặc trạng từ chưa? Đó chính là các phrasal verbs (cụm động từ) trong tiếng Anh.

VD: take off (cởi đồ ra), come out (xuất hiện, công khai), throw away (vứt rác, bỏ),…

Các cụm động từ này đều mang một lớp nghĩa đặc biệt khi kết hợp với nhau, và chúng cũng không tuân theo quy luật nhất định nào. Vì thế, ngoài việc học thuộc, bạn nên làm bài tập phrasal verbs càng nhiều càng tốt để ghi nhớ các cụm động từ tốt hơn.

Dưới đây là các câu cho sẵn có từ in đậm đồng nghĩa với một phrasal verbs, bạn hãy tìm cụm thay thế phù hợp nhé!

bài tập phrasal verbs

Bài tập cụm động từ về Turn

  1. I rejected that offer because it was not profitable.
  2. The house is going to be converted into a hotel.
  3. Switch the radio on, I want to listen to the news.
  4. The factory produces hundreds of cars every year.
  5. He was evicted because he didn’t pay his rent.
  6. Empty your pockets,” said the thief.
  7. The whole city assembled to welcome the hero.
  8. There was a sudden swell and our boat capsized.
  9. We arranged to meet at the City Hall, but he did not appear.
  10. Uncle Tom decided to call it a day and went to bed.

Đáp án

turned downturned intoturn onturns outturned out
Turn outturned outturned overturn upturned in

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Take

  1. I was surprised when I discovered the truth.
  2. He will not deceive us with his stories.
  3. He resembles his grandfather, who was also blond.
  4. Why don’t you withdraw your angry remarks?
  5. The teacher read out the lesson and the students wrote it down.
  6. Do you think I am stupid?
  7. Most of the space is occupied by a very big table.
  8. Now that he is unemployed he has begun to engage in a number of hobbies.
  9. I was watching TV when he came, so I really didn’t understand what he said.
  10. The dentist removed the woman’s front teeth.

Đáp án

taken abacktake us intakes aftertake backtook it down
take me fortaken uptaken uptake intook out

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Set

bài tập phrasal verbs
  1. The cold season has begun early this year.
  2. He established a new record for the 2,500 metres.
  3. They left at seven and hoped to arrive before dark.
  4. The party thinks that this law should be revoked.
  5. The house is separated from the road.
  6. This watch cost me £25.
  7. Why don’t you save some money for a rainy day?
  8. The instructions are clearly written in this document.
  9. The reason is clearly explained here.
  10. He attacked me with his truncheon.

Đáp án

set inset upset outset asideset back/away
set me backset asideset downset outset about

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Run

  1. My dog likes to pursue cats.
  2. Don’t take on the idea that I hate you.
  3. He escaped from home at the age of 16.
  4. He’ll encounter a lot of opposition if he doesn’t accept our rules.
  5. I met my uncle in the supermarket quite by chance.
  6. This clock is useless because the battery has become discharged.
  7. He’s always criticizing his parents.
  8. When I came home, I found that the bath was overflowing with water.
  9. He wasted his water supplies during the drought.
  10. The car skidded off the road and collided with a lamppost.

Đáp án

run afterrun away withran awayrun up againstran into
run downrunning downrunning overran throughran into

Xây dựng nền tảng vững chắc, bứt phá kỹ năng cùng kho tàng: Bí quyết học tiếng Anh

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Put

  1. He saves $35 every month to pay for his summer holiday.
  2. Troops were used to crush the rebellion.
  3. Write down his address before you forget it.
  4. I attribute his joy to the fact that he is no longer on the dole.
  5. If you want to live here, you’ll have to bear patiently with the noise.
  6. The City Hall will erect a statute in the park.
  7. If only a few people want to buy a product, its price is automatically raised.
  8. He assumed an air of indifference.
  9. He made a claim for compensation.
  10. He is the sort of man who always postpones going to the doctor till it is too late.

Đáp án

puts aside/by/awayput downPut downput downput up
put upput upput onput a question to the doctorputs off

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Make

bài tập phrasal verbs
  1. The escaped prisoner was traveling towards the coast.
  2. I’ll have to work very hard to compensate for the time I wasted.
  3. The audience was composed of children.
  4. Most women use cosmetics on their faces.
  5. The thief ran away when he saw the policeman coming.
  6. It’s high time you ended your quarrel.
  7. I think that the whole story is invented.
  8. I can’t understand this scribble.
  9. He stated that he was unemployed.
  10. He wrote a cheque to Smith & Company.

Đáp án

making formake upmade upmake upmade off
made upmade upmake outmade outmade out

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Look

  1. Will you take care of my dog while I am away?
  2. His house faces the sea.
  3. It’s time you thought about the future and began to save some money.
  4. My mother’s at home; I’ll call in this afternoon to see how she is.
  5. Take care! There’s a car coming!
  6. He regards my proposal in a very positive way.
  7. I am searching for a new secretary for the sales department.
  8. Most people consider taxes as a necessary evil.
  9. I’m going to inspect the car that I am thinking of buying.
  10. We are all expecting her arrival at the airport with excitement.

Đáp án

look afterlooks ontolooked aheadlook inLook out!
looks atlooking forlook onlook overlooking forward to

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Give

  1. He said he was a laborer, but his elegance betrayed him.
  2. Why don’t you stop smoking?
  3. It is not going to be easy for a proud man like him to surrender.
  4. The drinks were finished long before the end of the party.
  5. The teacher distributed the booklets.
  6. The speaker announced the names of the winners.
  7. The antique dealer sold off the valuable ashtray for only 10 pounds.
  8. That garrulous girl is likely to reveal any secret you tell her.
  9. They don’t yield easily to innovations.
  10. The plane began to lose height when one of the engines broke down.

Đáp án

gave him awaygive upgive upgave outgave out
gave outgave awaygive awaygive ingave out

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Get

  1. The Socialists hope to return to power at the next election.
  2. The thieves managed to escape with a lot of money and jewels.
  3. They should continue with their work until the bell rings.
  4. His writing is improving and now he is going to write a book.
  5. He rose from bed and went to the lavatory.
  6. We are going to meet to speak about financial problems.
  7. His English has progressed since the last time we met.
  8. They do not usually leave work until eight o’clock in the evening.
  9. She entered the room laden with parcels.
  10. We shall finish this work by next week.

Đáp án

get backget awayget ongetting bettergot up
get togethergot betterget off/away from/out ofgot intoget through

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Fall

  1. The platoon managed to force the enemy to retreat.
  2. Orders have been decreasing lately.
  3. Those who were not trained lagged behind.
  4. We had to resort to corn as rice was not available.
  5. They thought it was better to accept his suggestion.
  6. The lieutenant ordered the troops to get into line.
  7. The supporters attacked the referee.
  8. The starving men attacked their food.
  9. They began to quarrel about small, unimportant things.
  10. My plans to go to the Riviera failed because the journey was too expensive.

Đáp án

fall backfalling offfell behindfall back onfall in with
fall infell onfell onfall outfell through

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Cut

bài tập phrasal verbs
  1. Unless he reduces his expenses, he’ll be getting into debt.
  2. Accidents are often caused by drivers crossing the path of other drivers.
  3. We were disconnected in the middle of our telephone conversation.
  4. You will be isolated if you go to live in that cottage.
  5. Could you reduce this article to 1,500 words.
  6. He’s not suited to that kind of work.
  7. They cut the box into small pieces for firewood.
  8. I wish those children would stop misbehaving.
  9. If you marry that girl, I will disinherit you.
  10. The gardener stated that the tree had been felled with an axe.

Đáp án

cuts downcutting incut offcut offcut down
cut out forcut upcut it outcut you offcut down

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Come

  1. My posting to the London office will be received by fax.
  2. There was a meeting of the trade unions yesterday. The matter of salaries was discussed but nothing was decided.
  3. How is the book you are writing progressing? When will you finish it?
  4. It was a long time before we discovered the truth.
  5. When I make plans for the future, they never seem to succeed.
  6. He had a nasty shock, and he fainted. Fortunately, it was not long before he regained consciousness.
  7. They will let nothing separate them.
  8. How did you obtain that old watch? Did you inherit it?
  9. These old buildings will have to be demolished.
  10. He lost prestige in the world when his past was discovered.

Đáp án

come throughcame upcoming along/oncame at/upon/bycome off
came round/tocome betweencome bycome downcame down

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Call

  1. I visited the bank and opened a savings account.
  2. I visited the parish and had a word with the vicar.
  3. I am going to a concert with Mary and I’ll be collecting her at ten p.m.
  4. We shall leave the bags in the hall and collect them on our way back.
  5. Look in on your way back and tell me about the film.
  6. You’ve finally sold your car! This requires a celebration.
  7. These children need a steady hand.
  8. The parents of the kidnapped girl are demanding an official inquiry.
  9. He felt terribly sick, but it was too late to send for a doctor.
  10. The lecturer asked his pupils to study harder.

Đáp án

called atcalled atcalling forcall in forCall in
calls forcall forcalling forcall incalled on

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Break

  1. You say that 18,000 people use this toothpaste. Could you classify them into age-groups?
  2. They had to remove the door to get into the house.
  3. He was overcome by sorrow when telling me about his mother’s death.
  4. After years of heavy toil his health was ruined and he had to retire.
  5. The car stopped working when we were in the middle of the lane.
  6. The negotiations were discontinued because neither side would compromise.
  7. A gang of thugs entered by force and damaged the rooms.
  8. As I was speaking he kept interrupting all the time.
  9. Indian horses are very difficult to train.
  10. James has terminated his engagement to Mary.

Đáp án

break them downbreak downbroke downbroke downbroke down
broke offbroke inbreaking inbreak inbroken off

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Turn

  1. The people quickly became hostile to their new ruler.
  2. The new boss refused to sack any of the men.
  3. The hall was so full, that hundreds of fans were refused admission.
  4. It is too hot in here. Could you reduce the heating?
  5. He apologised and said that he had to reject my offer.
  6. You must return the book to the library once you’ve finished it.
  7. Tomorrow I have to work hard, so I’d better go to bed early.
  8. He switched off the radio as he did not want to listen to the news.
  9. She didn’t know how that story was going to end up.
  10. He switched off the engine.

Đáp án

turned againstturn outturned awayturn downturn down
turn inturn inturned offturn outturned off

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Take

bài tập phrasal verbs
  1. The visitors were surprised to see that nobody was waiting for them.
  2. She resembles her mother in being able to dance so well.
  3. Now that you have won I retract what I said about your bad style of play.
  4. He was believed to be an educated man because of the way he spoke.
  5. This is John’s camera, I’ll have to return it.
  6. We are increasing sales and can consequently re-employ some of our old employees.
  7. We were conned when we bought this faulty machine.
  8. The secretary was writing down all that the director said.
  9. We could not understand what he said about computers.
  10. The city also includes the area round the port.

Đáp án

taken abacktakes aftertake backtaken fortake it back
take back ontaken intaking downtake intakes in

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Stand

  1. We defend freedom of speech.
  2. He is a man who has always opposed chauvinism.
  3. He moved away to let the old woman pass.
  4. He retired in favour of a younger candidate.
  5. The police made the crowd go back.
  6. The troops were ready to act when ordered.
  7. I shall always be on your side, whatever the case.
  8. He was listening for the latest news.
  9. I abide by what I said.
  10. In this code each number means a letter.

Đáp án

stand forstood againststood asidestood downstand back
standing bystand by youstanding bystand bystands for

Bài tập phrasal verbs về Set

  1. It is time we started our work.
  2. The incident delayed the talks for over a year.
  3. The journey cost me a thousand dollars.
  4. The film took place in New York.
  5. The train stopped in Bath to let some passengers off.
  6. He puts the loss of sales down to overpricing.
  7. The wind is blowing from the north.
  8. A warm spell is beginning.
  9. They started out on a journey to Rome.
  10. The dog knew I was a stranger and attacked me.

Đáp án

set aboutset backset me backwas setset.. down
set.. downsetting insetting inset out/offset on

VUS – Xây dựng nền tảng Anh ngữ vững vàng chuẩn quốc tế

bài tập phrasal verbs

Làm bài tập phrasal verbs thường xuyên là cách hay để ôn luyện, nhưng để phát triển toàn diện các kỹ năng Anh ngữ thì bạn cần nhiều hơn thế. Nhằm giúp học viên ở mọi độ tuổi nắm vững ngữ pháp và sử dụng Anh ngữ thuần thục như người bản xứ, VUS đem đến 4 khóa học độc quyền:

  • Phát triển kiến thức Anh ngữ vững chắc cùng bộ kỹ năng mềm vượt trội, xây dựng nên chân dung của những nhà lãnh đạo trẻ tài ba cùng khóa học tiếng Anh THCS Young Leaders (11- 15 tuổi).
  • Lấy lại nền tảng Anh ngữ, trang bị bộ kỹ năng quan trọng cho học tập, làm việc, ứng dụng kiến thức đã học vào cuộc sống một cách hiệu quả cùng English Hub tiếng Anh cho người mất gốc.
  • Nâng tầm kỹ năng giao tiếp, không đắn đo công việc hay lịch trình bận rộn, xây dựng bước đệm cho hành trình thăng tiến trong sự nghiệp cùng khóa học tiếng Anh giao tiếp  iTalk.
  • Bứt phá band điểm, ôn luyện cùng đội ngũ IELTS mentor chuyên nghiệp, tự tin chinh phục các kỳ thi tiếng Anh quốc tế với IELTS ExpressIELTS Expert

Sự tinh giản và tính thực tiễn cao của những bộ giáo trình chuẩn quốc tế độc quyền từ các đối tác giáo dục hàng đầu thế giới Macmillan Education, National Geographic Learning, Cambridge University Press & Assessment,… đem lại khung chương trình chuẩn giúp bạn học dễ dàng nắm bắt kiến thức từ cơ bản đến nâng cao.

Hơn cả một khóa học ngoại ngữ, VUS còn khơi mở hành trình khám phá tiềm năng cá nhân và khơi mở những giá trị một cách mới mẻ cho học viên. Cùng với những phương pháp giảng dạy hiện đại như Discovery-based Learning, Inquiry-based Learning, Social Tech-based Learning,… học viên định hình tư duy ngôn ngữ nhanh nhạy và những kỹ năng toàn cầu thiết yếu:

  • Khả năng hợp tác (Collaboration).
  • Khả năng tư duy phản biện (Critical Thinking).
  • Khả năng giao tiếp (Communication).
  • Kỹ năng sử dụng công nghệ (Computer Literacy).
  • Khả năng sáng tạo (Creativity).

Sự khắt khe trong quy trình tuyển dụng đã đem đến đội ngũ giáo viên với 100% thầy cô sở hữu bằng giảng dạy quốc tế TESOL, CELTA, TEFL,… tại VUS. Sở hữu đội ngũ hơn 2.700 giáo viên xuất sắc, điều kiện học tập tuyệt vời, môi trường thuần Anh ngữ và chất lượng giảng dạy hiệu quả đã giúp VUS đạt được loạt thành tích: 

  • Là Trung tâm đào tạo và luyện thi Cambridge English đạt chứng nhận VÀNG trong khu vực. 
  • Đối tác hạng mức Bạch Kim của British Council Vietnam trong khu vực Châu Á – Thái Bình Dương.
  • Đạt chuẩn quốc tế tại 100% trung tâm dạy học, 6 năm liền được chứng nhận bởi NEAS (Tổ chức đánh giá chất lượng giảng dạy Anh ngữ toàn thế giới).
  • Đơn vị dẫn đầu về EdTech với hệ sinh thái học tập hàng đầu, ứng dụng V-HUB độc quyền và tích hợp 4.0 trong học tập.
  • Được 2.700.000+ gia đình Việt tin chọn và đồng hành qua nhiều năm liền.

Gần 30 năm nhiệt huyết, VUS giúp hơn 183.118 em chinh phục nhiều kỳ thi và chứng chỉ quốc tế về Anh ngữ danh giá như Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, IELTS,… với thành tích xuất sắc. Đây cũng là kỷ lục Việt Nam về số lượng học viên đạt chứng chỉ Anh ngữ quốc tế cao nhất toàn quốc mà VUS vinh hạnh nhận được.

bài tập phrasal verbs

Bài viết trên là tổng hợp của VUS về đầy đủ các dạng bài tập phrasal verbs mà bạn sẽ gặp phải trong nhiều tình huống giao tiếp hàng ngày hoặc thi cử. Hãy ôn luyện thường xuyên để ghi nhớ càng nhiều cụm đồng từ bạn nhé. Ngoài ra, bạn cũng có thể tìm kiếm thêm các bài tập khác tại trang Cảm hứng học tập. Hãy để lại thông tin liên hệ để được VUS hỗ trợ trong thời gian sớm nhất.


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