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Tuyển tập truyện hay Giáng Sinh bằng tiếng Anh cho bé

03/12/2021 12:00:00 SA

Tháng 12 chầm chậm chạy đến trong thanh âm nhẹ nhàng của khúc giao mùa. Đây là thời điểm gia đình quây quần, kể cho nhau nghe những câu chuyện ấm áp và ý nghĩa trước thềm năm mới. Bố mẹ có thể giúp bé vui vẻ tận hưởng không khí náo nức mùa lễ hội đồng thời trau dồi kỹ năng Anh ngữ liên tục thông qua những câu chuyện kể bằng tiếng Anh. Cùng VUS tham khảo tuyển tập những câu chuyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh hay nhé!

 1 - The Elves and The Shoemaker 

By: The Brothers Grimm

This is the story of a shoemaker who was very poor as nobody bought his shoes anymore. He lived with his wife. Now, he had cloth left with just one last pair of shoes. He left the cloth on the table and thought of stitching the shoe the next day. That night, four elves came to help the kind man. Till the morning, they have made the best pair of shoes and flew away. 

In the morning, the shoemaker and his wife were amazed to see the pretty shoes. Soon, a mer-chant saw them and bought them immediately. From that money, the shoemaker bought the cloth for two pairs of shoes and kept them on the table. Before morning, the elves have made two pairs of shoes which were pretty as the previous one. The shoemaker wanted to thank them for their kindness. And so, they decided to stay awake that night. 

To their surprise, they saw four elves who were stitching the shoes very quickly. The couple decided to give them something in return. So, they stitched the best clothes including the cutest shoes for the elves and left them on the table. The elves were very happy to see new clothes and they soon flew out never to be seen again. 

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2 - A Christmas Carol 

By Charles Dickens 

Photo: Pexels - Nadi Lindsay

This is a story of a miser, Mr. Scrooge who was a very cunning and money-minded man. It was Christmas Eve and everybody was wishing each other 'Merry Christmas' but Scrooge just sat inside his home all alone. Suddenly, the ghost of the Past appeared and showed him how lonely he was when he was a child. His parents left him all alone. He was always alone every Christmas. Then, he disappeared. 

The ghost of the Present appeared and made him realize how happy a poor family was when it was time for Christmas. They didn't have enough food to eat but they were still very happy. Next, the ghost of the Future took him to Scrooge's funeral where everyone was criticizing him. The ghost of the Future made him realize that he didn't care about anyone except for himself and then disappeared. 

Finally, Scrooge decided to change his future. He invited everyone to a Christmas party at his house. Each one of them was in shock. That night, everyone went to the greatest Christmas party ever. Since then, Scrooge has become the most loved man in town. 

Photo: Pexels Yaroslav Shuraev

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3 - The Nutcracker Story  

Based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann fantasy story 

This is a story about Nutcracker who was a very ugly-looking toy. Uncle Peter got a funny-looking nutcracker toy for Marie as her gift. Marie put the nutcracker in the cabinet carefully. That night, Marie woke up to some strange noise. She saw a bunch of mice and a mouse queen with seven heads. Just then, the nutcracker drew his sword, the toy soldiers rushed after him, shooting their guns and sugar canons. The nutcracker soon became surrounded by the mice. Marie somehow saved him and then she fainted. 

She woke up and told the whole story to Uncle Peter. Then, he told her that once upon a time, the queen mouse had cast an ugly spell on the princess. The princess could only reverse the spell if she could break the hardest nutshell. And that's where The NutCracker Prince came in. She became beautiful again. However, the spell transferred to the Prince and made him ugly instead. But, the mean Princess left him. 

The next morning, there was a knock at the door. It was The Nutcracker Prince whom Marie's love had transferred him into Prince. They married each other and became the Prince and Princess of Toyland. 

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4 - The Little Match Girl

By Hans Christian Andersen

This is the story of a poor little girl who lived with her father. Her father used to send her to the streets to sell the matchsticks. It was New Year's Eve and it was terribly cold out there. The Match Girl was noticed by no one and she couldn't sell the matches that day. She was afraid that if she went home, her father would beat her. 

It was so cold that she finally dared to lit a match. Soon, the match turned into a fireplace and she made herself warm. But it didn't last for long. Without thinking, she lit the second match. This time, the wall turned into a veil and she could see a dining room with lots of delicious food. But in a couple of seconds, it vanished. When she lit the third match, a beautiful Christmas tree appeared. It had many beautiful candles. She wanted to hold the candles. But as she reached, the candles flew to the sky and turned into stars. Next, when she lit the match, she saw her grandmother whom she loved the most. One by one, she struck the whole bundle of matches as she didn't want her grandmother to go away. 

The next day, it was the New Year. The match girl was sitting at the corner with red cheeks and a smiling face. The people there thought she was trying to keep herself warm last night. But no one knew the magic moments she had. 

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