Teaching Quality

The largest ELT staff in the country with 1,350 teachers.

VUS is the leader in the English Language Training (ELT) industry in Vietnam with millions of learners enrolling for its English courses since its foundation. VUS has built up the biggest ELT staff in Vietnam with more than 1,350 highly qualified, experienced, dedicated teachers and teaching assistants. Among the teachers, 45% possess a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. VUS practices a professional and equal-opportunity recruitment process. Candidates must have internationally recognized TESOL certifications such as CELTA or TEFL, and go through steps of screening, interviewing, and demonstration teaching before joining VUS ELT staff.

VUS has gone into academic partnership with Oxford University Press and the British Council – the world’s leading ELT organizations.

Oxford University Press and the British Council regularly send top ELT authorities to VUS in order to hold training workshops, and seminars to advance VUS teachers’ professional development. 

VUS ensures that its teaching quality meets the international standards defined by the City University of New York (CUNY) – the 3rd largest public university in the United States.

On a regular basis, CUNY delegations visit and work with VUS Academic Board to make a full appraisal of VUS academic affairs in order to maintain the world-class teaching quality set by the CUNY. During their visits, CUNY delegations also hold professional development training sessions.

VUS is the only English language training institution in Vietnam to organize TESOL conferences to give teachers of English an update on the ELT trends in the world.

VUS is the only English language institution to organize annual TESOL conferences for teachers of English all over Vietnam. For eleven years on end, more than 22.000 teachers have gotten updated on the latest ELT trends and methodologies in the world by leading ELT authorities.

VUS – a high-tech English language training institution.

In all VUS English language training programs, multimedia technology is incorporated into the teaching process.

The Smartkids & Superkids programs use a children’s English-teaching software product – Imagine Learning English – which has been successfully deployed in the United States and is now exclusively provided for young learners by VUS in Vietnam.

In the Young Leaders, English for International Communication (EIC), and Intensive English for International Communication (SEIC) programs, the interactive software applications iTool make classes much livelier.

VUS students are able to get supplementary knowledge in all fields by using the rich digital resources in the Multimedia Lab with cutting-edge technology.

Hundreds of thousands of VUS students have earned international certificates of English proficiency

VUS teaching quality is convincingly demonstrated by the outstanding academic performance of VUS students. In August 2016, VUS set the record of awarding international certificates of English proficiency to 82,679 students.

VUS is an English language training institution with the largest number of international certificate recipients, which totals 10,000 every year.