Interactive English ( 18 - 22 years old)

The Interactive English program has been designed for senior high school and college/ university students who aim to improve their 4 English language skills to achieve high scores in the international exams.


The program inspires learners with updated and selective topics to equip them for necessary language and academic skills


The iChecker software helps learners progress after every lesson


The application of The Communicative approach in classrooms , assisted by the interactive software iTools and Oxford Online Practice , helps leaners improve communication skills through real contexts and build a foundation for international English language test prep. courses later.


VUS is the leading professional English Language Training center in Ho Chi Minh City as well as in Vietnam with 17 campuses, 45,000 regular students and nearly 1,500 foreign and Vietnamese teachers , 45% of whom possess a Master or PhD Degree.


The Interactive English program with 4 learning stages Engage – Explore- Action- Reflect (EEAR), accompanied by Oxford Online Practice, aims to assist language learners in home study for lesson reviews, skills practice and further progress.


Promoting learners’ skills of listening for gist and taking notes to select key information.


Building learners’ confidence in pronouncing words correctly, expressing ideas fluently about different topics.


Helping learners practice the reading skills and analyze a reading passage effectively.


Providing learners with necessary skills to express ideas logically and cohesively.

Providing learners with language skills to either learn or work in international contexts


The program has been graded to Levels in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to assess learners’ comprehension and language skills from Basic, Independent to Proficient levels.



3 modules

Learners are able to

  • Greet
  • Introduce themselves
  • Understand exchanges at normal speed

IE 1

6 modules

Learners are able to talk about life – related situations

  • Functional phrases for greetings, invitations or apologies…
  • Brief descriptions of acquaintances, daily activities, hobbies…
  • How to start, expand and end conversations

IE 2

6 modules

Learners are able to communicate with confidence in daily situations

  • Solving problems when travelling, going shopping…
  • Complaining about goods/ services…
  • Checking and confirming via verbal forms or emails…

IE 3

6 modules

Learners are able to actively communicate in English:

  • Expressing ideas, joining discussions, making suggestions
  • Describing dreams, hopes, events in both verbal and written forms
  • Understanding live interviews, forums or movies



Learners receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of every level. Having completed the Interactive English program, learners can continue to take the International test prep. Courses to get either the IELTS or TOEFL iBT certificate.



Morning: Mon., Wed. / Tues., Thurs./ Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.                       8:15 – 11:15

Evening: Mon., Wed. / Tues., Thurs. / Fri., Sat. /Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.       18:00-21:00    


Placement Test

Learners are tested on their language proficiency and placed in an appropriate level.


Video about VUS