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3/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

We are living in a time of sweeping change. This 21st-century world of enormous socio-economic developments coupled with technological innovations and growing access to the internet has made a profound impact on learners of English, who have found entirely new ways to get information, learn, and interact. In the context of such a dizzy pace of change, it is imperative that the ELT community rethink and redefine English language teaching and learning. Therefore, the theme “REDEFINING ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEARNING IN THE 21st-CENTURY CONTEXT” will serve as the focal point for this year’s VUS TESOL Conference.

What is it like to teach and learn English nowadays? What are the approaches and challenges to ELT in the twenty-first century? In this digital age, where learners of English grow up with digital devices such as mobile phones, computers, e-books and console games, how should ELT curriculum and textbook design be modified to meet the needs of a generation of e-learners and screenagers? As the world has become a global village, is it only sensible that English language teaching and learning go beyond the traditional mastery of language skills to include 21st century skills such as critical thinking, intercultural communication and international collaboration? The developing digital technology has produced a new breed of English learners who have become more autonomous but, at the same time, more connected; therefore, will connectivism – dubbed the learning theory for the digital age, be the up-and-coming trend in ELT?

VUS would like to invite you to submit proposals related to the above theme and sub-themes.

Time, date, and venue of the Conference:

Time and Date: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Friday, July 21, 2017

Venue:White Palace Convention Center, 194 Hoang Van Thu St, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.