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3/1/2016 12:00:00 AM

For its ceaseless contributions for decades, VUS was honored with a lot of awards from the state and its departments:

The 3rd class Labor Order for outstanding achievements in English language training and contributions to charity work and community service, the construction of a socialist society, and the protection of the mother land.

The Prime Minister’s certificate of commendation for outstanding achievements in English language training.

The Ministry of Education and Training certificate of commendation for contributions to the nation’s education and training.

Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s medal for contributions to educating and training Vietnam’s youth.

Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations’ medal for promoting peace and friendship.

Certificate of commendation for significant contributions to the promotion of friendship and cooperation among ASEAN countries.

Ho Chi Minh City’s Enterprise of the Year for 5 years consecutively.

The awards for the above-mentioned achievements can be viewed as the social and state recognition of VUS incessant effort dedicated to the English language training in the context of the country’s development and integration into the world.